Faith Thoughts

In Luke 8, the disciples were on a boat, while a terrible storm raged. Jesus slept as water began to fill up the boat. Peter cried out in fear, “Master, we are going to perish!” Peter’s lack of faith exposed him in the midst of the storm. He panicked.

God will always expose a person’s heart through the storms in his life. He reveals the nature and characteristics of our faith by what he has ordained to happen in the plan. God’s people must be careful not to give into negativism when difficult times come along. Negativism challenges the record of God’s kindness, it is clearly displayed in His Word. There is no need to analyze the past or question the future. Storms are a time for faith thoughts.

The boat was rocking and ready to go under, but Jesus merely stood up and said, “Be still.” Or, as the original Greek brings out, “Be muzzled.” In His rest, Jesus lived in faith thoughts toward His Father. He said to the disciples, “O, ye of little faith.”

All believers face situations, personal problems and difficulties at certain points in their lives. They are not to analyze the storm. Rather, storms are times to think on things that are pure, lovely, kind, and virtuous. They are a time to speak faith thoughts.

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