Faith Upholds You

We are upheld by God’s thoughts. Whenever we fall or get weak, the Word upholds us. If we sin we must confess and name the sin. When we confess, He is faithful to cleanse and forgive us with our incapacity toward grace. Then we experience the substance of God’s forgiveness toward us. Many confess Who God is and the nature of His character but never experience the power of grace after the cleansing of forgiveness. They never live in the aftereffects of forgiveness, which is grace to stand in declaring that the strength of grace is made perfect in weakness.

Believe and confess that which God has confessed about you in His Finished Work.

There is not a thing you do in which the Word will not uphold you. When people persecute you, the Word tells you to rejoice. When you have a problem, the Word tells you all things will work together for the good. The Word always upholds you in your soul by ministering God’s personal thoughts toward you in a situation. There is not a thing-sin, failure, desperation, persecution, people misunderstanding or people forsaking you-that God cannot bring you life in victory to uphold you and seat you mentally upon a Throne, so that the whole system in your body responds and operates according to the direct order of God’s thoughts. God does not withhold from those who mix faith with the Word.

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