Faithful Unto Death

Be thou faithful until the day you die. Do not forsake the ministry God has given you. All the provision needed to fulfill your responsibilities has been given you by a God Who will never leave you nor forsake you. God’s faithfulness will stand true even if we fail because there are no conditions under the covenant of grace.

Be faithful to God in your ministry no matter its seeming importance by your own evaluation. It is important to God because it is another portion of glory and invades the atmosphere with another injection of offensive faith. Our faithfulness to God is not just bearing the load for the sake of consistency. It is a personal ministry to God, a directed invasion on the enemy’s kingdom, and an added place for God to inhabit in the Body. Do not withdraw when you do not get promoted as you desire in the Body. God resists the proud ( James 4:4). Grace is given to those who are interested in promoting God. They become an advertisement of a gift freely given.

When you are faithful to God, you will be faithful to one another. A faithful friend displays the heart of God, whereas unfaithful people are living unto themselves in sin. You cannot serve God and be unfaithful to the Body. Faithfulness to the Body serves God with life. Those who are always delivered -unto death are those who will be faithful unto death.

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