Faithfully Settling

When the average Christian thinks of resting, he thinks of resting in faith. A Christian does rest in faith, that is true, but the Word has not taught that resting in faith is the main issue of life. There is something deeper and more vital to understand for our experience than faith-rest. Of course it is not to minimize faithrest or take away from resting in it, but it is to reveal something much higher.

Imagine how many people could rest in human faith and not allow their life to be dealt with by the Person, Christ. They rest in something they humanly know and are sufficient in that kind of Christian experience. They do not live with God momentarily, letting the Cross invade their life with the conviction that draws them into the victory of fresh revelation. They remain at a standstill, many times separated from God in their experience because they are resting in what they can humanly explain as faith-rest. They feel that if they are free from problems and at ease in their situations and with themselves, then they must be in faith-rest. But faith-rest is an active participation with the heart of God. It never gives me a rest where I can settle on my lees, but instead I am constrained to walk without sight into any adverse or complementing situation and be in God’s faith to reveal Christ.

The issue of my life is not, then, to escape from myself and find some rest termed as religious, but it is to lay down my life unceasingly to trust a supernatural God, resting in His faith that works by love.

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