Faithfulness of God’s Mercy

Mercy must be given before the glory of the Lord can be revealed. Righteousness and truth go before us as an offense, while mercy and goodness follow as the defense. The Body of Christ confronts people in the world today with the truth about mercy and its resulting goodness. The Body of Christ has received righteousness in the Person of Jesus Christ.

We obtain mercy simply by being chosen as God’s elect (Romans 11:30-32). Therefore, mercy continually ministers to us and becomes the revelation of love revealed in truth as a joyful sound. We are walking in the light of what mercy provided in righteousness (Psalm 89: 15-16).

Mercy is the source of all provisions. The seed endureth forever ( Jeremiah 33:11). God’s plan for us as members of the Body of Christ is to restore health and to reveal the nature of His abundant peace and truth ( Jeremiah 33:6). God has established us as the Bride in the covenant of mercy that He swore unto David.

That He shall never leave us nor forsake us means that God cannot divert us from what He has established us in. The throne of mercy is built up (Psalm 85:4) because the sprinkled Blood enabled the Father to create a new creation, the Bride of Christ.

The nature of God’s mercy is for us to live in victory, receive grace that abounds toward us, love one another, submit to the authority of God, have quietness and confidence as our strength, be careful what we hear, and fear the Lord.

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