Favor vs. Life

I may give my body, but that is different from my life. Favor is deceitful, a woman's beauty is vain; but a woman who trusts in the Lord shall be praised. Let the fruit of her hands and her works praise her in the gates. It's not her beauty, but what she produces in Life that shall praise her. "Let her alone; why trouble ye her? she hath wrought a good work on me" (Mark 14:6).

Favor is deceitful, but love isn't. What I do may be favorable, but deceitful. God may have people doing Him favors night and day for a number of years. How favorable, and also how deceitful! The plan of God is to be established in love, so that in the midst of a crisis love stands while those who have established favor are deceived. The beauty of losing all for the cause can never be likened unto a love that establishes works through Christ. These people do not go beyond the knowledge of good and evil to reveal Christ in the crisis. The only testimony that passes the test is the one with the quality of an unconditional love to reveal something more than a good dedication. Love goes beyond the temporal favor of goodness into the living revelation of God's plan for time.

Be faithful to God's cause through trusting in the Lord every step you take. Go beyond yourself regardless of your goodness and reveal works that praise you in the gates of God. We boast in the Lord.

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