Feeling Free


School is in full swing. I have finally gotten in a rhythm as far as my schedule and preparation for classes go.


I kind of dreaded coming back this year, actually. There were going to be so many changes, so many new staff members, so many new things I had to learn. Toward the end of the school year last spring, it seemed like I was too stressed out to even think about anyone beside myself.

All summer I felt like a zombie, I didn’t know what God was going to do with me. I had already made plans for this to be my last year in Budapest.

Oh me of little faith! What a terrible place to be!

Good changes

It all turned out to be the best start to a school year I have ever had. God is so fully and evidently working in what we are doing here, I am constantly catching myself not being stressed out. The new staff members are amazing team members, so encouraging. The changes in the school have consistently provided new and more expedient ways to do things, ultimately creating more time for me to minister to my students which is my whole mission!


Grace Realization

I prepared for my Bible classes and was totally blown away by the messages God was giving me – to give grace is an outward expression of the inward grace I have received from God. I am going to teach on something that I am just realizing has been happening in my own life for years! Incredible.


I had this thought that since moving here in 2013, I have really turned my attention outward. It seems like without fully realizing it, I am purposely doing more and more for other people. What joy I find in doing this! I baked cookies for my students to have at the after school Bible study. I had the biggest smile on my face as I made them.

Set free

I was speaking to my friend, Tim, and expressing how free I am feeling this year. I wholeheartedly believe this will be the best year in GGIS history. The Friday night Bible study at school has been incredible. After a long week over 20 students stay to hear a message and have fun. I want to see the entire high school come to it.

I believe God

The Korean church has been great, we are planning some events with the teens on Saturdays. I want to see the Korean youth group grow exponentially. I believe God can do it and that He will do it.

We belong

Pastor Schaller, my Pastor, was here in Budapest for ten days. At church, he spoke about families. We are in God’s family and we have brothers and sisters in Him. We have a name and we have a place. God has given us so much. I feel so free. It is such a privilege to be a part of His family and to be able to fellowship in grace.


Thank you so much for praying for me and supporting me here. Your prayers are definitely felt (but still needed!) Please continue to pray for my friends Tim and Myriah, it looks like the search for a child for adoption will soon be coming to an end. 

Most of all, pray for people who don’t know Christ to come to the knowledge of Him.

God’s plan

This is a crazy time in our history and there are so many things that can stress us out and weigh us down. But God has an amazing plan for the lives of my students, their families, the staff here, and for you. Don’t forget it!

Jon Cook

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