Fellowship with Love and Mercy

What a great thing it is to be moved by faith: for a husband to be moved to love his wife because of reverence for God; for a wife to be moved to love her husband with unconditional love. How great it is when children and teenagers are moved to love God and their parents.

Have fellowship with grace and Truth. Fellowship with love and mercy. Let the presence of God begin to impress your soul and give you personal illuminations. The Word will begin to dwell richly in you. Faith’s substance will be revealed as you focus upon the character of Christ and the transforming power of His love. Faith believes without wavering; it knows without seeing. It is a very beautiful and sacred thing to realize the potential of faith. Neither Satan nor sight can limit it. Senses and feelings cannot deprive it of the nurturing provision of power as the capacity for hearing the Word of God is developed in the heart and soul.

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