Fellowship with the Cross

The Cross is not to be something we "know," nor is it to be something we "believe" in. The Cross is something we take up. We ought to embrace the Cross more than any other thing in this world.

Foolish to the world but precious to the saints, the Cross occupies that place in time and eternity where every man must take a stand: for or against it. The issue is eternal life. The means? Death.

No man can escape it. Every man, however, has an opportunity-and a choice. Calvary, and all that it stands for, represents an even place for everyone who is drawn there.

The greatest man of God with years of wisdom and service is reduced to trembling with exceedingly grateful rejoicing when he touches the truth of what happened on a wooden cross nearly two thousand years ago.

The most noble, virtuous, loving, transforming, transcending, dynamic, powerful, forceful, energizing object in this world is the Cross. Meaningfully and experientially, the Cross must always be our ultimate frame of reference.

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