Find God’s Life

Icannot perform God’s will through religious effort. I am not going to try to live the Christian life. It is impossible. Instead, I am going to receive from the Word of God and allow the mind of Christ and the Holy Spirit’s power to become the instruments to establish God’s Kingdom within me.

By grace through faith, I receive objective transformation followed by subjective conversions. If I lose my soulish life, I will find God’s life. God’s estimation of His Son is, “Thou art worthy.” The Father sees me hid in Christ. Therefore, He sees me as worthy, not because of anything I did but because of what Jesus did for me.

When I lift up a personal cross, rightly esteeming His character, I realize that I am worthy of the Father’s provisions for my life because I am hid in the Son. In this way, I am setting my affections on the things that are above, and I am being renewed after the image of the One Who created me.

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