Finished Work Faith

Paul was very serious about the Finished Work. He prayed that those who preached "any other gospel be accursed." The "perverted" gospel was removing the Galatians from the grace of God. For those who did this, Paul prayed that they would be accursed, which means they would be heading for hell.

The tragedy is that Christians have not understood how to have relationships in the Finished Work. Are old things passing away or are they passed away? The Word of God tells us that they have passed away. Do we have a right to know anyone after the flesh? No. When we know someone after the flesh, we are violating the precious, tender Finished Work of Christ.

A Christian who is operating in the Finished Work always looks at mercy-not at people’s sins. A Finished Work Christian always sees others as they are in Christ, and with their potential in Christ. If he sees failure, he ministers grace with love that helps others to grow.

We are always to look for mercy! Way back in the Old Testament, Abraham did some bad things, as did his son Isaac. And what about Jacob? He was doubleminded and crooked. The Lord, however, saw all of them in the Finished Work, used them mightily, and referred to them as heroes of the faith (Hebrews 11).

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