Following God’s Order

When God orders our steps, we live in His geographical will, His operational will, His organizational will, and His perfect will. We choose the things that will glorify God rather than those things that will benefit us in our own ways.

A pastor studies. He knows that he has a great responsibility to his congregation. He must be right with God and rightly divide the Word from the pulpit. The pastor’s congregation, in turn, submits to the delegated authority of the Word.

Husbands completely submit to their head, Jesus Christ. Wives submit to their husbands, in the Lord- trusting God to work out any flaws their husbands may have. Children submit to their parents. This is God’s order. If a married couple honors God’s order in their home, they will be heirs together of the grace of life, and their prayers will not be hindered (1 Peter 3:7).

Godly order provides a capacity for meekness toward God and humility toward truth. In turn, God honors the prayers of His children, empowering them to execute His Word.

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