Following Him No More

We are to bring our body under subjection to the government of God’s Body. Do not let your body go its own way in mental ego trips, because that ego nature will cause you to rebel against Christ.

Endure temptation by faith and do not submit to the craving to rebel. There is a key to those who have quit. They are those who have never learned to minister to others. If a person could see his purpose in the building of a living temple, he could never quit God’s ministry. In John 6:66, to leave the Body was to leave Jesus and to follow Him no more. People thought they could leave and worship God on their own terms.

Leaving a soul-winning ministry is following Christ no more. In 1 John 2:19, to leave the ministry in Ephesus was to leave God, the authority, the covering, the plan. It meant to forsake the Person, provision, and covering. Unless one is led out by the Spirit, it is a sin to leave.

Be convinced that you are going to finish your course. Be busy in the arena, fighting the good fight of faith. Finish what you start. Never think of quitting. Be faithful unto death. Make every moment count and never think in terms of running out, because God never runs out of the grace that keeps you strong in every situation. What is more important to us: to be known by men for our ministry or to be known by God as a great minister of His life?

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