Forever Forgiveness

God forgives with a forgiveness that we will never understand unless we believe His Word, live by it, and allow ourselves to be sanctified by it.

What does Psalm 130:4 mean when it says there is forgiveness with Him that He might be feared? It means that once He has forgiven someone, we are not to toy with that forgiveness, even as it relates to ourselves. His forgiveness is divine, produced by an eternal decree coming out of perfect justice. His forgiveness is not to be presumed against. Jesus Christ has paid for all sin and sins-He took care of who I am and what I’ve done. He did this once and for all and we are not to play games with the subject.

God’s dealings with us are always in mercy (Psalm 119:124), and His mercy endures forever. By His mercy, He has covered and forgotten our sins, and they are to be remembered no more.

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