Forsaking Brings a Blessing

Will we pay the price of discipleship? Or do we want to serve Christ independently of a Cross and separated from the covering of the government? As a spiritual representative, Adam stands for the Body before the Fall. Eve acts as independent Christianity, going outside of Adam, her head, and fellowshipping with that which is beautiful, but deceiving. Satan is not obvious in his attacks. His projection is tempting to those walking by sight. When one is walking by faith, his gaze is fixed upon Christ. Outside of Christ, he sees only himself and his potential in Adam. A double mind gives him a vision of opportunity at both parts of the Tree of Knowledge. He ends up in deceit because he did what was right in his own eyes instead of being directed by the single eye of Christ’s headship.

Do not be deceived into thinking that Christianity has outward glamour. Christ calls us to forsake all and allow Him to be our priority (Luke 14:33). Whether we obey the message of those words or not will show our destiny on earth. Will we win favor with men or win souls for Christ? Will we become disciples by the Cross or will we decipher our own concept of Christianity? Will we abide comfortably in our choice resting place or will we, as Christ did, have nowhere to lay our heads? You will not need God if you have security on the earth. We brought nothing into this world and we will bring nothing out ( Job 1:21). Forsaking all will bring a hundredfold blessing (Mark 10:29-30).

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