Forsaking the Voice

The Spirit of God speaks only that which He hears and yet people continually speak without hearing from God. Their knowledge precedes what is said instead of hearing what Heaven’s Throne has stated to be true. People talk in the name of Christianity through their own concepts and call it truth. They guide people falsely because they themselves are not living under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Here is a group. They may believe in the Holy Spirit, but they will in a hope for a future experience. They are not occupied with the Spirit’s teaching and ministering which will lead them into all truth and give them an experience of the Finished Work. Other people do not pray according to the Spirit, but they pray according to what they think must be done. They do not intercede according to the sovereignty of God’s voice. They take principles that they know about healing and then apply them and hope they work. They forsake the voice of God and do not allow God’s sovereignty to reveal to them His plan.

God is always changing in terms of His manifestation. Always look for a personal God who deals as He wills in every situation. Know sovereignty by knowing nothing but Christ. If people live according to concepts, then Satan has them all figured out. But the obedience of those who hear the voice of the Spirit cannot be figured out by the devil ( John 3:8).

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