Frankness Before God

Times of need are divinely designed into our lives to bring us to the Throne of Grace. Many people do not acknowledge their need, and therefore they never become acquainted with grace. They remain strangers who try to be what they know they should be, but live in dishonesty about who they really are.

Jesus Christ invites us to come boldly, with much assurance, to speak out frankly and candidly before Him. He desires a people who will have the confidence in love which allows them to be open about their failures or needs. This does not mean we go about cataloging our sins all day, nor does it mean we murmur or complain before God. It means we come as we are and simply say, "Lord, I have a need." No one has ever been turned away who comes before God with an honest heart.

The reason the Pharisees were such enemies of Christ was because they had a mental block against grace, an emotional barrier against love. They had the pride of life, which caused them to love their own humanity, refusing to see themselves as stained by sin. They would never allow love to penetrate or light to dispel that darkness. Their deeds were evil and the darkness had become comfortable to them. In 2 Peter 2:13, we are warned not to "sport" with God in self-deception. God desires a people who will not play games with Him in self-righteous hypocrisy. He wants us to love truth and have a confrontation with reality. Mercy will never be withheld from a person who, in the security of grace, is simply transparent with God.

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