Freely Give

Are you writing books, writing songs, are you making or creating something unique that you hope will be
a benefit? Whatever that is that you have been gifted with by the Lord, are you willing for it to be 5
loaves and 2 fish? Are you willing to give it away to the Lord without knowing what He is going to do
with it?
That young boy had no idea that the meal he gave to the disciples would be returned to him, and he
certainly had no idea that it would feed 5000; but he freely gave it away.
Lord, I am writing books, and I would be glad for profit, but I would prefer that many are fed and for
your glory, not mine. I don’t know how You would do that anymore than I understand how You
multiplied those fish and loaves, but I know that You are able beyond my imagination!
Lord, here are my books, do with them as You will. And Lord, I believe, and I am looking to You to help
my unbelief.
May you and I have great expectations of our God, He certainly deserves that from us!
Thank You Jesus.

Michael Staples

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