Fulfilled by His Ability

Christianity is concentrated work. The infilling of life comes by faith in a promise, but the outpouring of substance requires a work of investment. Your provision to provide others with life is no work, but the details of the play to give others a capacity for life is a (fruitful) labor. If we take an ox into our stall there is work to be done in feeding, watering, and caring for its needs. It takes your whole life; and as you invest energy in it, its life takes you over.

As a Christian, you are constrained by love to be faithful. No longer are you sent by legalism to fulfill a commission but you are centered in a constraining commitment which by its own life expression, commissions others to Christ. Your occupation becomes the lost condition of others and their potential to live.

Everyone can have an ox and care for it. The love that keeps us keeps the testimony sure. The response we give in labor allows the release of God’s ability to fulfill the given responsibility. As we guard and keep Christ, He makes us a light. We agree with the throne, and the life of the throne makes us the light of the world. We become the substance of Who Christ is through the Corporate Body. The Body keeps the testimony sure by the steadfastness of its life in Him. We live in the success of love. The quality of that love keeps us and keeps the nature of love as a testimony. When we keep ourselves in His love, He is responsible to us for fulfillment with His abilities.

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