Full Faith

Through careful study, we know that there were two thousand years from Creation to the Flood, and two thousand years between the Flood and the Cross. Now, nearly two thousand years have passed since the Cross.

Because the hour is so late, the world needs to see Christians who understand the fullness of Him that fills all in all. Pleroma believers are broken people who know that not a single thing can separate them from the love of God. By these believers, the Body of Christ increases itself through evangelism and is edified in love.

Pleroma is a Greek word that speaks of the fullness that Christ can give. Pleroma faith fills up every empty place-filling all the deficiencies in a man. In this kind of faith, the scars and wounds of the past are taken away, bringing in a brand-new abundant-life relationship with the Word of God through the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ.

As Christians alive at this hour, we have received a mandate to grow into that fullness. We are to decrease in ourselves and increase in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ (John 3:30).

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