Gain from Pain

When suffering comes, name the pain; make the pain your gain forever, because that is God’s measure of how you will reign with Him. Of course, if you don’t want to make your pain become gain, then God will do something else. He may allow you to have your portion in this life. You may prosper and have a good marriage (Ecclesiastes 5:18; 9:9). God may even exclude you from suffering and take away pain as much as He can. If you pray that He will remove the pain and suffering, then God will probably answer you; but you will also suffer loss of rewards.

Don’t misunderstand me-I’m not praying for pain. I just know that it’s promised in the Book. So when pain comes, you will know that it is allowed to produce spiritual maturity and growth. This is why it is so crucial to learn, experientially, what God says about His sufficiency.

When someone comes to cry on your shoulder, chances are he doesn’t want to hear you say, “My God is able to supply all your needs.” That’s too simple! Or, if you tell him “You are able to do all things through Christ,” he probably won’t want to hear that either. At that point, you must end the conversation by saying, “That’s all I’ve got to say. Let’s pray!”

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