Gaining in Grace

Many believers do not grow in the grace of knowledge, and therefore never grow in the grace of God’s mind. They have preconceived ideas about Christianity and they forfeit the privilege of growing in the mind of the Lord. They fluctuate in their own mind as it conceives God through Scripture without the description of the Spirit in life.

Life, to some people, is just a promise in eternity. Identification to them means suffering with Christ. They are against those who find joy in the life of Christ now.

Why be one with the mood of the devil? When people react defensively to his stimulation of suffering, they come to a place of oneness with him. What people defend they must cover up in protection. Those who have lost themselves are hid in Christ and have no thought for reputation. The best defense is offense. The only way to fight a battle is to rest in Christ.

Rest brings refreshment in the Spirit and strength to move on in God. Do not be at a standstill when you are attacked. Be in the place where you have no vulnerability to the devil. You are hid in Christ and He is One Who has made Himself of no reputation by choice. His choice becomes your gain in freedom. It is not what you attach to your name that gives you fame, but what your life proclaims through One Who has given you grace in the disgrace of sin. We expect no more honor than that which is found on the Cross of Calvary.

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