Give Thanks in Everything

If Christ's life is flowing out of my emotions with praise and thankfulness, then that should take care of any problems I have. This is the best preventive medicine for sin. It also becomes a tremendous ministry toward the people around me.

When I give thanks in everything, then I am not living in my self. The Holy Spirit is being allowed to glorify Christ in me as I grow into a Christian who will reign for all eternity. All I have to do is accept God's provision.

There is a fountain flowing inside of me. It's source is the Word of God that I have guarded in my heart. The Holy Spirit is glorifying Christ in me and through me.

If you are thirsty, just come and let the Holy Spirit comfort your waste places. God will make your wilderness like Eden, the deserts in your soul will become gardens of the Lord. You will have gladness and joy and melody with thanksgiving springing up within you-a fountain you never knew you had. It will spring up to glorify God, and a river will flow from you that will bless everyone you see.

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