Glory in Infirmity

We are weak. Our weakness may be human goodness; it may be self-righteousness; or, it may be personal sins, human evil, or unrighteousness. Whatever it is, weakness breaks us down. As we become weaker and weaker, God will bring in a crisis. And in the crisis we will discover grace.

We discover that His grace is sufficient. Before we know it, the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, and the Word of God-the government of God’s Kingdom- become the power reigning within. We are no longer the subjects of our own lives. We become the objects of Jesus Christ’s love. For us to live is Christ. Our life is not subjectivity; it is Christ.

The strength of grace is made perfect in our weaknesses. We glory in infirmity, because it sends us to Him. We glory in our reproaches, because they bring us to Him. We glory in necessities and persecutions, because they lead us to Him.

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