God Gives the Increase

Jesus Christ is our source and what we receive from Him is exactly what He wants us to have. We cannot have beyond what He grants us. And, yet, within the heart of each believer is a yearning that He may speedily increase within us and that we may speedily decrease. Having God's life increases inside us and having our own selfish lives decrease comes through growing. It isn't something we can legislate or establish overnight. This growth isn't something that stems from inner dissatisfaction, but rather it reveals an anticipatory satisfaction with God's full thought for our lives.

We experience the joy of the promises and the purity of personal holiness in the knowledge that Christ is ever increasing and that we are ever decreasing. As self becomes less, Christ has the opportunity to become more. A child of God is not naturally obedient. We learn obedience by the things which we suffer. We aren't intimidated because we haven't reached a certain goal that others may have already reached. As long as our attitude is for God to increase and self to decrease, we know that God is having His way in our lives. By faith, we can know that the Plan of God is working Jesus Christ into every part of our spirit, soul, and bones and that the flesh is being worked out. How we rejoice in His presence in our lives and yet earnestly and fervently echo this cry unto God: "Lord Jesus, you must increase. And, Lord, I must decrease."

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