God Has A Hiding Place

God will only accept transcendent life that lives beyond principalities and powers outside of time in eternity. In this way, we experience, practically speaking on earth, a supernatural action in life to cover the natural circumstances of time. The only way we can meet the future demands is to live a transcendent life by a faith that works by love.

How many people simply do what is necessary to exist but they do not do what God gives them opportunity to do by living above in a transcendent life to glorify God?

How important it is to be trained effectively, specialized in receiving all that it takes to glorify God in every dark situation. The dark places are God’s secret places. Here in the dark of the night does God have His Blood; and because of the Blood on the door posts of our lives there is no death in the situation.

God is hiding in the dark places with His Blood, ready to love, strengthen, and apply comfort to people through that Blood. He is hiding in the situation so we will not be fearful or even bored with the state of circumstances. God hides with eternal life, grace, and the thoughts of His own mind ready to impart, restore, and bring life out of death, making the separation between the two total and definite.

What do we see in those dark places? Do we see ourselves or other people’s flesh or do we see God waiting to reveal His life and love while it is still dark? Know God is in your situation.

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