God Is Driving

How do we drive out the enemy? It is by receiving his spies in peace. We do not have to have physical contact with the enemy if we have spiritual communion with God first. So many people discuss their trials instead of talking to God and testifying about His life in their trials. Time is redeemed through spontaneous faith and not through extensive rationalization. God never asks us to present a solution, but only to experience Him as our solution. There are no answers to temporal problems outside of an eternal Christ. If we waited to figure out the reason and the purpose for every problem, we never would take the option of spontaneous faith. We must revenge our natural tendency to explore in selfanalysis with obedience to faith in the Lordship of love. As this revelation of the Lord is being revealed constantly, our enemies are being driven out little by little (Deuteronomy 7:22-23). That is what we see from the human, experiential, optional, volitional viewpoint. We do not experience the impartation of imputation all at once. We learn little by little or a beast of the field would take us over. That beast is pride. If we were perfect in all our weaknesses, we would not know what it is like to taste grace. Little by little God drives out our enemies. Then He starts the process of the faith of righteousness. Faith is a walk, and life is a process of growing in grace.

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