God Is Enough

To some Christians, God’s life and His Finished Work have become a wilderness. The way they act, you would think God has nothing to offer. They act as though God isn’t enough to supply their need.

I recently spoke to a precious woman of God who could not forgive herself for her past. She’s a wonderful Christian. She has been in our ministry for years, but she just cannot forgive herself, even though she has not failed in this area for a long time. Here is what I said to her. “Just forget your past.” Now isn’t that deep? I told her, “You are forgiven. God has forgotten it.” Then I said, “Now just live in it.”

She said to me, “I guess it’s really quite simple.” Then we went over some wonderful things from the Word of God, things that were profound, correct, and fresh. And just as sure as you’re breathing, this woman has forgotten her past. A hedge of doctrine went up and the protection of the wall of fire became her experience (Zechariah 2:5).

When we can forgive ourselves, it becomes easy to forgive others with the same love that forgave us.

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