God Is the Greatest Giver

We need to understand that God will give the abundance of grace in our need. He will give us gifts-gifts to make us happy, gifts to edify us in the Word of God and the Holy Spirit.

He ascended on high, and in Ephesians 4:7-11, it is Jesus Christ who led captivity captive. Now, because He is ascended, Jesus Christ is receiving gifts from the Father to give to men. Meanwhile, the god of this world will use circumstances, sight, needs, and people to make us see our needs instead of God's gifts.

The prodigal spent all that he had on riotous living, and he was in want of something he needed. When a person is in want of something, he doesn't think about the provision at hand. He may think about earning it, but he won't think about receiving something from God as a gift. As the prodigal, our wants keep us from getting what God desires to give us in the abundant grace program through His gifts.

We need to learn that God is forever the greatest Giver! He takes unworthy people, saves them, and makes them princes. When you understand the heart of the Father, you will have no problem receiving gifts from the Son.

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