God Is without Demand

Exhortation is not mercilessly pouncing upon a person in order that he might turn from that which you personally dislike. A person has no power to repent, and yet so many people command that he do so.

As the command comes, man tries to meet the demand only to end up in the frustrations of his own inadequacies. God never demands, but only directs man to a place of resource. A command may cause man to let go of that which is unnecessary, but it never stimulates man into any kind of works. God’s orders never have to be filled by man. With an order from God comes its own place of fulfillment.

You never are left spiritually naked without a covering. You have an imputed covering even before imparted righteousness has extended itself into your life, though it directs itself toward your life because of your free choice. That righteousness allows God to see you in life and keeps the devil from seeing you at all. A covering lets God in and keeps the devil out. Forsake not the outlaying of God’s covering. To forsake the Corporate Body is to forsake Jesus Christ. In following the Shepherd, you always will be accompanied by other sheep. God’s heart is poured out in a corporate manner, though it fulfills each individual design.

To exhort is to call one near with an invitation of grace. It is not to demand that one leave sin, but to draw one close through the love of grace.

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