God Remembers

Lot was a man who always chose the easiest way, the way that looked most appealing to the eye. When given the opportunity to choose between Canaan or Sodom, he walked by sight and took Sodom because he saw that it was well-watered everywhere. His choice led him into a land of wickedness, and eventually Lot himself fell into many wicked sins. When God destroyed those cities, however, He delivered Lot out of the destruction, even though he deserved punishment.

Why did the Lord deliver Lot? God's mercy and grace are the obvious provisions in his deliverance, because mercy rejoices against judgment (James 2:13). But there is another reason. It is so beautiful and precious. Remember that Abraham went before the Lord in Genesis 19:27 and prayed for Lot. When God destroyed the cities, the Word of God says that God remembered Abraham- in other words, he remembered Abraham's prayer. God saw the cities being destroyed and pulled Lot out of the destruction because He remembered Abraham's prayer.

Listen, precious beloved: There is one God the Father always remembers. It is Christ Who ever lives to make intercession for you (Hebrews 7:25). Perhaps, you are in a terrible situation. Maybe you even got yourself into it because you walked by sight. God the Father hears His Son Who is praying for you. He always will remember His Son and will deliver you.

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