God Rests in Us

God loves to rest. As Christians, we often get overwhelmed with duties-doing what may indeed need to be done. But when we try to live our lives outside of a Finished Work, seatedabove vantage point, we can easily miss the provisions God would give us to make the burden light.

God lives inside every believer, and He is completely at rest. Jesus Christ finished the work of redemption at Calvary, and now His glory is revealed through us. Our failures and infirmities do not disturb the Lord. "Peace, be still," He commands the storms in our lives (Mark 4:39). He is resting in His love.

The Spirit leads us into valleys, but there He will give us rest. Heaven rejoices in seeing the strength that we find in the valleys. We will find fruit in the valleys (Song of Solomon 6:11). And in Luke 3:5, we read that in due season, every valley shall be filled and every hill and mountain shall be brought low-and all flesh shall see the salvation of God. That is the ultimate glory. God has found a place to rest in us. In the midst of all the hell and corruption and sin and iniquity and immorality on earth, God has found a place where He can rest and manifest His mercy in fellowship with you and me (Philippians 2:15).

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