God Will Multiply If I Add

Many people want their own way in Adam while they confess grace to do it. Grace does not give us our own way in Adam, but crucifies Adam so God can have His way. Separation from God means bondage to Adam. Reconciliation to God means freedom in Christ. If people run away from the provision for reconciliation, they are running away from the life that reconciles in their experience. If people make a provision for self to reign, the best grace can, do is to keep them from going to the pit; grace cannot keep them from living in the pit in their experience.

Man’s system is to divide himself from the situation to keep from multiplied problems, therefore never winning Christ and revealing the Person Who is the victory. But God’s plan is to subtract Adam through death and to enter into addition and multiplication which means reproduction: Christ.

Grace and peace are multiplied as we add. As the circumstances require us to accept grace and peace, grace and peace are multiplied and then we can begin to add through cultivation to what we have in God to reveal who God is in us. What He works in us is worked out through us. If we are not adding to faith through grace, then we will not experience the life of faith to be revealed to win Christ. We add to our faith, and love takes on an expression that makes love more than just a resident but an experience.

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