God’s Divine Mix

An elderly man once prayed “God, I do not like salt. Dear Jesus, I hate baking soda. I hate shortening, Lord. And dear God, I cannot stand the taste of flour. But, dear Jesus, put them all together and put them in the oven and I love biscuits.”

It is a simple illustration, but the truth here is vital. A Christian may not like certain things that happen in his life. By themselves, the situations do not taste good. But combine them and the end result is God’s perfect plan!

Who, but God, could take the disarray of a life and work it together for good? Everyone was deceitful at times as a little child because of the inherited sin nature. When a believer thinks back to some of the things he has experienced and about where he is now, he can see that God’s hand truly was at work in his life.

Jacob swindled his brother out of his birthright, and Paul rounded up Christians to persecute them, but God intervened. He made something beautiful out of their lives.

Maybe a Christian is in a situation right now. It is like salt, shortening, flour or baking soda. God has not mixed it in yet, but He will.

The elderly man was right – none of the ingredients are a good meal by themselves. But when put together, the believer can enjoy the biscuits they produce.

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