God's Goodness Is for You

Let's talk to a couple of people in the Bible who had something good happen to them: Abraham, God gave you a promise and you believed. When the pressure was on, you let Lot choose-so God chose for you. And something good happened to you, Abraham. God gave you a family that covered the whole earth, and you became known as the father of our faith. But something good came out of it all.

Joseph, your brothers wanted to kill you. Instead you were sold into slavery. You wound up in Egypt. Yet, while you were in prison, God gave you the interpretation of a dream for Pharaoh, and you were promoted. Imagine it, Joseph! You became the number two man in what was the world's most powerful empire. Yes, when you were sold into slavery, your brothers meant it for evil. God, however, meant it for good. Something good did happen, Joseph, and many lived because of it.

Just believe and receive from our loving God. We serve a God who wants to bless His people. Seek Him now. Practice His presence. Believe in His promises. Confess His Word.

God has a blessing for you.

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