God’s Line from Eternity Past

God has a divine measuring line. It is His superabundant grace, His inexhaustible mercy, and His incomprehensible love.

God’s line goes from eternity past to eternity future, and it takes care of the “now” in time. What happened at 9 o’clock this morning is gone forever, what will happen tomorrow does not exist today, and now just passed by. For us, to live is Christ.

Someone who hurt you years ago isn’t living inside of you-but Christ is. The alcoholic parent who went out and did terrible things isn’t living there. It is Christ who is now living in you.

Our lives are not the sins that we commit. Sins cannot control us. We are not measured by our past or by what people did to us. God’s measuring line extends from eternity past, when the Lamb was slain from the foundation of the world, to the present, where we are hid with Christ in God. What’s more, it extends to our tomorrows that are filled with hope because Christ is our future.

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