God’s Personal Priority

Christ’s nourishment was the opportunity to exercise faith in the plan of the Father. His meat was not first of all to meet the need of others. Though redemption reveals our love for others and that love constrains us to consider their needs, the Redeemer is the priority to be considered. It is the One Who performed the act that brings the activity of that love to our hearts. Many people may do all they can for others and not satisfy the need of God’s fellowship.

In the Old Testament (Ezekiel 44:15), God called the priests to come and worship Him as a first priority. In the New Testament, our High Priest with His unchangeable ministry again calls us to be witnesses first unto Him (Acts 1:8). The Lord, in the full qualities of His life, will fellowship then with us as we meet someone’s need, but if we meet someone’s need without the provision of His Throne Life, we will end up either proud or exhausted. We either find temporary success in our own ability or a quick discovery of our own doomed failure to ever touch sovereignty with our natural viewpoint.

When we operate in the standards of our own reasoning and in the law system outside of God, which spells death, we will never see the face of grace. We may know in form what we or others ought to be, but we never minister or receive the grace that conforms us to that perfect work (Exodus 33:22-23).

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