God’s Placement

People who worship a desire get perplexed when the will of God was not what they desired. A person who worships God will receive his desires because he is delighting himself in God. When one is delighting himself in God, he desires Christ. Then, he receives what he desires because his desire is based on Christ and originates in the life of Christ. Any such desire is relevant to what God wants, so the person has no desire other than what takes place because Christ motivates his life instead of desire. Nothing has to take place other than what God has placed in the plan of life. We will always be given the desires of our heart because Christ is our desire and He will never leave us nor forsake us.

Let us present our bodies to be resurrected in God’s place of appointment by faith without our consent. God never asks for the consent of Adam when He expresses the Word. Any refusal that goes contrary to obedience will never stop the sovereign plan, though stubbornness slows the pace of God’s effectual working. An effectual work is when faith is operating and we have decided and consented that we have no right for consent in the plan of God. Then, we allow God to work according to His will and do not frustrate His work through our desires.

People who have idols conform to the spirit of that idol. Their life craves that desire and not the fulfillment of obedience toward a plan which includes God’s desires.

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