God's Sacrifice Releases Mercy

Many people offer sacrifice to God in order to receive His mercy. There was a time when God did demand a sacrifice for sin to satisfy His Holiness. But in order to meet God's demand for perfect justice, that sacrifice also had to be perfect. One who knew no sin had to be offered. Christ's death on the Cross met God's demand for perfection, so that unconditional mercy could be released toward man.

As we accept Christ's payment for our sin, we become new creatures, perfect in Him, available to a new life from above. He crucified the old that we might become new. Only as we operate, by faith, in the truth of who God has made us to be can we experience His life. New wine cannot be poured into old bottles without bursting them. New cloth cannot be sewed onto an old garment without bringing damage. We cannot purify our own vessel through self-sacrifice in order to deserve God's mercy. We cannot strive to attach a concept of Redemption onto the old garment of our Adam nature. We must accept God's imputed righteousness toward us in order to experience His new life in us.

Are you tired of self-effort and religious striving? God says, "I will have mercy, and not sacrifice." Come into the throne room of mercy where the Blood has already been sprinkled and the veil of the flesh has already been rent. Come and receive a love that you don't deserve; receive your new heart, a new start and a new capacity to be activated by God Himself.

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