Going beyond in Love

Paul took pleasure in finding out what all-sufficient grace does. He besought the Lord three times to remove his thorn in the flesh. At his third request, God spoke: “My grace is sufficient. The thorn will not be removed, Paul. You will draw your strength from me and Christ will be formed in you. You will be formed and conformed in the image of meekness and humility. You will get to know my sufferings and the nature of my dependence on the Father, as you depend upon me, through the Spirit. When you think that you cannot make it, there will be a mystical comfort, a motivating fellowship, an assurance from the Word, and a oneness in mercy. My strength will be made perfect. I want you to know a strength that will not leave you when you fail.”

Paul took pleasure (2 Corinthians 12:10) in learning what allsufficient love does. He learned what it meant to live with a thorn but to have the life that he lived be in grace. You can love because grace is sufficient. Another person’s response should not regulate your initiation. You go beyond in love, where their attitude stops because of ignorance or rebellion. Their behavior does not change your attitude. Their immaturity does not change the maturity of love, the stability of grace, and the strength of God’s character.

A trial may be inexplicable, and yet within it, there is definition and clarity of purpose because of your experience with Christ in the oneness of grace.

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