Gone Away Backward

When God brings a trial, Satan counterattacks with a lie to bring us into occupation with the trial instead of with the purpose of God. If we accept the lie because we feel it is truth, then we keep the situation corresponding to a lie. We consider truth according to sight and lose sight of the purpose of God which is revealed through faith. We feel that it is only fair to think it over. We give place to Satan instead of to the Word. We give him time instead of eternity. We give him human possibilities instead of divine truth. We give him religion instead of Christ.

We give him our capacity to change instead of God’s provision through our capacity which makes our victory changeless. We respond in accordance with his initiation. We forsake the Lord in the trial. Instead of bringing grace and life out of the trial, we bring the effects of our emotions as they have been regulated by Satanic projection. We are not even considering our Master’s crib, the place where He rests in the situation. An ox knows his owner by instinct better than we allow ourselves to know God by simple faith. Instead of Psalm 42:7, God’s people forsake faith, the promise, the Word, and the Lord. The deep cannot call unto the deep and create a depth in them. We provoke the Lord to anger by living in mental derangement, something less than the mind of Christ. Do not go away backward from grace, but get in gear in faith and go forward in Christ.

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