Grace Ain’t a leg to Stand On

Grace ain’t a leg to stand on — but comes running when all legs to stand on break. When all legs flounder, break, fizzle and flop — then comes grace. Grace exists the magic which changes hell to heaven, guilt to confidence, hurt to help, shame to innocence. Grace is “love’s perfect transporter” — never fails. No, not once!

Yes, grace-upheld people fly without merit as a leg. Merit  or de-merit happens when “the substance of a legal case is settled apart from matters of jurisdiction, procedure, or form,” from

Rational thinkers feels this should be enough. For example, “Johnny kicked his brother, but because he is mostly a good boy, we will excuse him this time.” He was having a bad day, he was defending himself, etc., etc.

That’s not grace. But, we must think in terms of “core” which has different physical properties from the surrounding parts, it is:

  1. That which determines composition,
  2. the conducting wire  in an electric cable,
  3. the central part of a celestial body,
  4. the place in a nuclear reactor where fission occurs,
  5. a tiny doughnut-shaped piece of magnetic material used in computer memories.
  6. the usually inedible central part of some fruits,

So allow me to conjecture metaphorically: A man’s core, like a pineapple, is not sweet like the pulp, and must be separated from the edible part. It’s thicker and more fibrous. Like a celestial body, man’s core is fire –burning perpetually. It conducts electrical current, (not to touch without potential shock,) sparks flying. Fission (splitting) may occur here, (cracking up?)  — or a magnetic field (attracting all manner of materials having similarities.)

Frankly, human “core” personifies a maniacal menace running anarchic-like, coupled with a master cover-up artist, the “subduer,” which frantically disguises and protects the volatile catalyst.

So, back to “grace ain’t a leg to stand on.”

Here’s where grace goes to work. It applies the death-blanket to core. Grace can’t use none of that mass-of-mess. Grace ejects cracking and fracking, extinguishes burning, de-magnetizes the field, short circuits shocking currents. But it doesn’t end there.

Grace rips out that brutal and bitter fibrous mass, replacing it with an “immune-to-fracture” substance. Friends, grace is a supernatural application to a natural problem. Grace does not help, it replaces.

Let’s compare supernatural grace with socialistic philosophy.

Fatalistic thinking is the “opium of the masses” for Marxist thinkers. Their leg to stand on.

When once the dawning of “necessity” (inevitable future), happens to a Marxist, he or she becomes freed of all responsibility. He or she believes that nothing he or she does — can change fate.

Dialectical materialism, another Marxist tenet, sees “the laws of matter developing it’s own contradiction, and out of the struggle which ensues between them is born another pattern, which retains something of both opposing forces.” All things working together for good — But without God.

This dialectic principle also supports fatalism (whatever will be shall be)– and so birthing passivity, alienation from God, hardness of heart, apathy and an existence which moves past feeling. It undermines the necessity of making free will choices. 

But with grace we have a real death to sin/self, and then a resurrection, then an ascension, then a seating at the right hand of the Father. The pathway leads to life, love, light and true meaning.

If we lose our life for Him, we will find Him and that new world brings acceptance, confidence, help in time of need. We embody a new person — as opposed to experiencing some kind of psychological mind shift. That  mere mental “leg” is not enough. Psychology fails drastically while Grace triumphs gloriously.

Finally, grace becomes not a leg to stand on, but a universe to enjoy, right now!

Love ya

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