Green — Yellow and Blue

John was beckoned to “come up hither” as he saw a door. The voice was like a trumpet. Immediately, in the spirit, John saw the throne. He saw a person, Jasper and Sardius stone emanated from the person, red, justice and pure white, holiness. A rainbow of emerald encompassed all, mercy. Green surrounded the throne, a lifting to new beginnings. All things are made new!Justice, our understanding and ability to differentiate; Purity, our foundation for wisdom, both rest in a brand new existence, to which we are birthed as mercy upholds it all. John discovered the above life.Free from Law’s judgement, one of condemnation, we find our discernment of fleshly deeds, leads now to “no condemnation,” through mercy. Yes the Law brought a sting, but sin died, so went the sting.

Justice now guards the soul from all inhibitors preventing practical mercy’s life giving.

Holiness, freedom from the corruption who was all of me, enables precise application of true-knowledge in precise timing. Again it finds total support in the surrounding emerald which blasted into “non-existence” our despicable self-oriented pre-Christ world. Yes, all of it.

Our mercy seat, Jesus Christ, bore it on Calvary.

Twenty four elders sat around this throne of justice and holiness, surrounded by mercy. They wore crowns of gold, they wore garments of white. Divinity and righteousness.

For the redeemed, they represent a God created, and God sanctioned consciousness, for the head. An identity of white, righteous standing before a Holy God. Because of these coverings, these elders, representing all of the redeemed, enable us to sit around the throne, without dying or even the thought of un-worthiness.


Biblical Meaning Of Colors 

“Green is obtained by mixing Yellow (trials) with Blue (Word of God). Therefore, the biblical meaning of color Green is immortality. (The leaf shall not wither –(psalm 1:3). Green is also symbolic of resurrection which we see each Spring.”

So, trials add the yellow to the blue of God’s Word, forming green. What’s it mean?

Matthew Henry comments, “The things of God are of great and common concern. God requires no more from us than the right use of the faculties he has given us.” “Self must be denied; the bent, the frame and temper of the mind must be altered.

“Those who will have an interest in the great salvation, will have it upon any terms, and not think them hard, nor quit their hold without a blessing.”

Friends, our pain and suffering, trials and tribulations, when endured with the vital help of God’s Word, produce in us the longevity, the immortality of eternal life, the long-suffering, the patience without which we would fade out of our eternal reward. We would lose our purpose and meaning for living here on the earth.

A story is told of the great artist Turner. “I wished to paint a storm at sea; so I went to the coast of Holland, and engaged a fisherman to take me out in his boat in the next storm. The storm was brewing, and I went down to the boat and  bade him bind me to the mast. Then he drove the boat out into the teeth of the storm. The storm was so furious that I longed to be down in the bottom of the boat and let it blow over me. But, I could not, I was bound to the mast. Not only did I see that storm, and felt it, but it blew itself into me until I became part of the storm. And then I came back and painted the picture.”

Beloved, Our trials can build a capacity in us for The Word of life, the Word of answers, the Word of another world. A door opened to John in Revelation 4 and he went. He found meaning. He found meaning. Let’s never stop running to Him, as we face our distresses. We will find grace and mercy to help in time of need. It’s a promise. Love ya