Guide Our Feet

Ruth lay down at the feet of Boaz (Ruth 3:7). Mary anointed Jesus' feet ( John 12:3). The Disciples grasped hold of His feet and worshipped Him (Matthew 28:9). We are seated above because of His nail-pierced feet. We have Life from above because of the cleansing of our feet. One gives a position above, the other receives power below.

Ruth offered her body as a living sacrifice to be covered by the righteousness of her Redeemer. She waited in the intimacy of her personal rest with God. Before she walked in the light of the morning hour when the world would see her, Ruth first received direction from her Redeemer. The steps of her horizontal walk were now supplied with power from her vertical fellowship. The Prince of Peace now guided her. Boaz gave purpose to Ruth with his words and power in giving her six measures of barley, speaking of the Resurrection Life of God in human capacity. She arose, saving the secret of her communion until the manifestation at the appointed hour.

Our hands have been cleansed so that we no longer have to labor to pay the wage for our sins. We have been established in the Throne to allow the Throne to establish our feet in God's way of specific discipleship. As we wait in submission, grasping hold of our Savior's feet, He will "shoe" us with purpose and power as He directs our walk. We are guided to the feet of others to anoint them with the Glorious Gospel that they may walk through the storms of life.

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