Having the Mind of Christ

We are told by God Almighty how to be mentally stable for the unknown of God’s plan. With souls all over the world going to hell, why would anyone want to join the crowd, to participate in just any activity, unless the whole motive was to win the lost, to grow, and to have the mind of Christ? The key issue in this life is not just having a good mind or a good life, but it is having the mind of Christ.

Thousands of believers do not know how to function in the mind of Christ; therefore, they do not know how to experience the love of God or appropriate the grace of God. Love in its true sense is so misunderstood today. Consider for a moment how Abraham felt when Ishmael was cast out of the family. He watched as part of his flesh and blood went out of the door forever. Consider how Abraham felt when he was about to offer his son Isaac on the altar. Think of how Jacob reacted when he thought that his son, Joseph, was dead.

Many people do not know their own hearts. Something down the road could prove that they have never understood true, pure, godly love. We need to experience God’s grace to function in God’s love.

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