He Brought Humility

Consider the mind of God in Philippians 2. Jesus Christ took a position as a human creature. Though limited in humanity, He never once reacted. He was never bound, because His liberty always depended on the mind and thoughts of the Father from Heaven. In His earthen vessel, He was liberated continually by heavenly thought. Instead of reacting against earthly limitations by sight, see the purpose of God in your situation by faith so that you stand fast in a liberty that always makes Christ your experience.

Jesus Christ acknowledged the Father in every step He took. He walked softly and slowly, with no tension, relying always on the Father’s wisdom with no confusion. He relied on the Father’s plan. He wouldn’t be taken over by lust, but relied on the Father’s purity. He would not be occupied with sorrow, but was filled with the Father’s joy. He would not be occupied with human knowledge, but lived by faith in the Father’s wisdom. He would not be occupied with pleasure, but lived in the pleasure of God’s Right Hand.

Temptations will come, but when one is steadfast in his occupation, one is always entering into liberation in God’s provision. God’s provision counteracts the devil’s temptation. One never has to go against the devil by battling with temptation in the flesh. He simply receives a life that will always go against the temptation that it has already overcome.

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