Heart Repair

The Word of God makes it clear that every revelation of grace is experienced in the heart. Here, mercy is realized, love is enjoyed, and the promises become real. It all comes down to guarding the heart.

The believer who has a hearing heart has the mind of God controlling the mentality of his soul. His emotions are quiet and calm. He has a capacity for the Word, prayer, faith, soul-winning, and missions. A capacity for forgiveness and for life in the Body of Christ is established, because the mind of Christ came in to create a new heart.

This, indeed, is God’s viewpoint for every person’s problem. The answer isn’t in having another counselor; it isn’t some course promoting wisdom from below, with God tucked in at the end. No, the answer is in coming to grips with Jesus Christ and saying, “You created me. You died for me. You love me. Your Word is pure, forever settled in heaven. And though heaven and earth will pass away, your Word will never pass away. It is quick and powerful, and it alone can pierce my soul and spirit. It has become the wonderful motivating critic of my heart.”

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