Heart Service

Today, many believers draw near and honor God with their lips, but their hearts are far from Him (2). They have an outward show and profession of service to God, but fail to be motivated by an inward principle of love and faith. The Apostle Paul describes them as disobedient because “they profess that they know God; but in works they deny him” (Titus 1:16). Some go so far as to give mental assent to truth, but lack a willingness to receive God’s provision by appropriating truth.

Jesus was often confronted by scribes and Pharisees who habitually put on an outward appearance of holiness, but lacked inward, divine substance from the Word of God. Their lives were characterized by false professions, hypocritical statements and lip service. In Proverbs 26:23, they have “burning lips, and a wicked heart.”

God desires His people to render willing and obedient service based upon the love of Christ that constrains us, the work of the Spirit that draws us, and the promises of God that motivate us. We do well in remembering to examine our hearts each time we offer our service, and letting our professions be from hearts that are in total submission to Christ. This results in the laying down of one’s life for the sake of others.

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