Heaven Is for Us

In these perilous days, are you more interested in a church picnic than in the prayer meeting? Many are more occupied with social events than with an evangelistic outreach. Many of us, however, realize that spiritual battles are intensifying.

Today, the Church of Jesus Christ has all the fiendish demons of hell arrayed against her. They attempt to choke and quench the ministry of the Holy Spirit and destroy our Christian liberty. Even though all hell is against us, praise God, we can rejoice that all heaven is for us! Soon the trumpet will blow at the Rapture to summon those of us who love the Lord Jesus Christ into His presence.

I eagerly await that trumpet sound to bring me faceto- face with my Lord. Then, I will be able to worship Him without the limitations of my lethargy, without a wandering mind, and without any of the distractions of life here below.

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