Heavenly Contentment

The only contentment that is gain to us is the contentment that comes through godliness. How false is the concept of the world, where people live in material or social contentment and find that that is great gain to their lives. People can be content with so many things and yet never experience godliness. In the end, they find it was great loss to them either eternally or spiritually as they meet the Lord Jesus.

God wants every Christian to live in contentment. When a person worries and lives in anxiety and a state of frustration, he is intimidating the character of God's plan and challenging the purpose of God's details. To worry is to slander God in His foreknowledge. Though we may be in unusual adversity, we can remain godlike. Though there are many things you may have prayed for and they have not come to pass, you live like God with contentment.

Jesus was always content with the Father's plan. His contentment in the Father's provision always gave Him His faith-purpose in His experience. With godliness we are content to wait 13 years for Isaac. We are content if Lot has the best ground and we end up with the leftovers. We are content if Esau gets the good soil while we have Jacob's birthright. We learn to be like God through Christ with contentment. We no more suffer the loss of anxiety, the frigidity of perplexity, or the superficiality of being without purpose. But we live in the contentment that results from godliness.

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